At Meditec England we recognize the demands and requirements of the Anaesthetist in the Operating Theatre, and have
taken these into consideration when developing the all-new NeptunePLUS Anaesthesia Workstation. The NeptunePLUS
excels in performance and offers complete flexibility to the Anaesthetist.
· Cascaded 6 tube flow meter
· Twin Selectatec mounting for agent specific
temperature and pressure compensated vaporisers
· NIST inlets for piped medical gases for O , N O & Air 2 2
as standard
· Single Bi-stable system ON / OFF switch for gases &
power supply
· Pull out writing table with folding lock
· Common gas outlet (CGO)
Advanced Technology, Modular Design, Open Architecture, Ease of Use
With an integrated design and excellent quality, each anaesthesia system is custom built to meet your requirements
Auxiliary O Flowmeter 2 Document Holder AGSS System (Optional)
Meditec England
Calibration range : 0 to 5%, 0 to 6% and 0 to 8% using a Laser Refractometer
Easy to turn dials for Safety Lock to prevent accidental turn on
Agent specific vaporisers designed to provide constant output
Available Screw fill, Meditec Fill™ or Quik Fil™
Interlock mechanism to lock in series with other Vaporisers
Individually calibrated for each specific anesthetic drug
Agent Capacity: 250±25ml
Available for Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
· Open/Close change over switch for convenient
switch-over from open to closed system
· Suitable for open, semi-open & closed circuit system
· Electrical outlets for running other medical equipment
· Auxiliary O outlet with flowmeter as standard 2
· Rotameter backlit illumination
· Work surface lighting
· Supports Low-Flow Anaesthesia