The module for China’s first micro-plug-in ETCO2 module,
The appearance and size close to the United States Waliking
plug-CO2 module, the communication protocol is compatible
with Kang plug-in module. The module gas sampling flow of
50ml / min with the international popular micro-flow CO2
module.The module has atmospheric pressure automatic
compensation function, so do not need to rely on doctors
manually enter the tmospheric pressure value ensure that the
CO2 waveform and ETCO2 numerical accuracy
Working principal Non-diffusion infrated absorption method, multi-wavelength, no moving parts in the sensor.
Initialization time With in 4 seconds after the start of sampling,a carbon dioxide waveform (ambint temperature of 25 degrees Celsius) 2 minutes after boot up to the specifications listed in the technical indicators.
?Carbon dioxide range 0% - 20% by volume, 0- 152 mmHg (partial pressure) The module measures atmospheric pressure on its own.
Rise Time The infrated detector is 28 ms (typical0 and the system is 200 mS.
?Carbon dioxide resolution
0.1 mmHg (0 - 50 mmHg interval), 0.2 mmHg (51 - 100 mmHg interval), 0.4 mmHg (101 - 152 mmHg range)
?Carbon dioxide accuracy
0 - 40 mmHg interval, + 2 mmHg 41 - 70 mmHg interval, + 5% of reading 71 - 100 mmHg interval,
Respiration rate range
2-150 beats / minute
Respiration rate accuracy
+ 1 / min
?make up The nodule is free to perform atmospheric pressure compensation with a compensation range of 400 mmHg - 850 mmHg Operators can compensate for O2, N2O, HE and anesthetic gas through menus?