The Meditec 1700 is designed to work in a highly versatile environment. Whether you need Invasive or NonInvasive ventilation the Meditec 1700 delivers.

Power packed with a range of Ventilation modes to suit individual preferences the Meditec 1700 is ideal for use in an ICU, Intra-Hospital transport, Air and Ground transport. Simplicity, In-built air supply, versatility and affordable cost of ownership make Meditec 1700 the obvious choice.


  • Invasive as well as Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Pressure & Flow waveforms with Trends Facility
  • Altitude compensation
  • FiO2 Measurement
  • Multiple Ventilation Modes: PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, AUTO (Emergency Quick Start), Spont+, PRVC, ACPAP+
  • Suitable with both dual as well as single limb breathing circuits
  • Patient History storage capability
  • Automatic Parameters adjustment of patient according to Height & Weight
  • Internal Battery Backup: 4 Hrs & Extended Battery (up to 4 hrs)
  • Extended battery backup (optional)
  • Touch screen as well as knob operated
  • Shock Resistant (Drop Test compliant)
  • Optional: EtCO2 & SpO2 Measurement
  • Nebulizer: 10–180 minutes
  • Inspiration hold: Measures patient's lung compliance and resistance, Elasticity, Time constant
  • Key lock: Key & LCD Touch Screen Lock
  • Waveform freeze: Freezes the waveform
  • Alarm silence: Mutes audible alarms for 2 minutes
  • Alarm reset: Clears visual indicators and messages