Mobile new born resuscitation table - Fixed
Skin, Manual and Pre-Warm control modes
Microprocessor based controller with highly
accurate Thermistor sensors (No Calibration
LCD for alarm messages
APGAR (Up) and Down Timer
Ceramic heater with reflector and safety grill
Patient examination lamp for extra illumination
during procedure
Stainless Steel Baby bed with Baby Mattress
(density approx. 21-25 kg/m³) with waterproof,
zipped cover
Continuous variable head up/down facility
Polycarbonate side panels collapsible/lockable
X-ray cassette holder tray underneath baby bed
Facility to attach syringe/infusion pump, shelf to
place monitor
SS multi hook IV stand
Facility to incorporate Under Surface
Mounted on 4 swivel castors (100 mm)

Electrical Specifications:
! Microprocessor based temperature controller with Pre-warm, Manual and Skin Servo modes
! LED Display of Skin Temp., Set Temp. (Resolution 0.1°C) & Heater Power %.
! LCD to display modes of operation, Alarm messages, Skin Temperature in ˚F and Timer.
! Thermistor based sensor with Accuracy of +/- 0.2°C (Temp. Calibration not require)
! Modes of Operation: Skin Servo, Manual and Pre-Warm
! Keypad lock facility
! Skin mode: Temperature range: 34 to 38°C , Resolution : 0.1°C
! Manual mode: Adjustable Heater Power 0 to 100% (with an increment of 5%), Time duration:15mins
! Pre-warm mode: To pre-warm the cradle before baby is placed on the bed. (No alarm activated ) Adjustable Heater Power 0 to
25% (with an increment of 5%), Time duration:30mins
! Overhead heater box: Swivelling, Consists of Ceramic heater (650 Watts) placed in parabolic reflector with a safety grill &
Halogen observation light (12V/50W) for observing the baby
! Operating Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50Hz
! Power: 800W (Max.)
! Power Fail Alarm: Audio with LED indicator
! Alarm: Audio alarm with 10 minute mute facility & Visual alarms.