Product Specification

Speed Range 1ml/h---1200ml/h(increment of 1ml/h)
Infusion Accuracy within±5% (accuracy after syringe is installed)
High Speed Infusion 100ml/h---1200ml/h(can be calibrated)
Volume Limit 1ml---999.9ml(increment of 0.1ml)
Infusion Volume Done 9999ml(increment of 0.1ml)
Alarm Pressure Value High:800mmHg±200mmHg(106.7kPa±26.7kPa)
Alarm Types Preset volume is done Infusion blockage door is open Bubbles in the infusion tube Wrong infusion Speed AC power unplugged Battery is running out
Bubble Detector Ultra-sound type, sensitivity=25uL
KVO Speed 1ml/h---5 ml/h(increment of 1ml/h)
Power Consumption 30VA
Operation Environment a) Temperature +5----+40 degree celsius
b)Relative Humidity 20----90%
Transportation&Storage a)Temperature -30-----+55 degree celsius
b)Humidity =95%