2.8'' (320×240) true color TFT LCD screen, displays the information of time, SpO2 Plethysmogram, alarm condition, trend graph, list and system settings, etc.;
Visual and audible alarm for SYS, DIA, MAP, SpO2 and PR, and upper and lower limit of alarm can be set as necessary;
Independent nonvolatile memory, storage for up to 2,000 groups of NIBP data and 78,000 groups of SpO2 data;
Convenient and quick in reviewing measurement data, available for reviewing the NIBP trend graph of 24 hours and SpO2 trend graph of 22 hours.
Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring.
Display the measurement result of SYS, DIA, MAP, SpO2, PR and bar graph by the display screen of high-brightness digital tube
Using Oscillometry technology, also called Oscillography technology to measure the blood pressure.
1)Measurement mode: manual/auto/continuous
2)Measurement interval in auto mode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5×n(n=2, 3, 4...51) min.
3)Resolution: 1 mmHg
4)Accuracy: max mean error: ±5 mmHg; max standard deviation: 8 mmHg.
5)Overpressure protection: dual protection for both software and hardware
6)Others: reset, self-testing and accuracy testing of static pressure
7)Measurement range: 25mmHg~260 mmHg
.Measurement range: 0 %~100 %
Alarm range: 0 %~100 %
Resolution: 1 %
Accuracy: 70 %~100 %, ±2 %; below 70 % unspecified.
Pulse Rate
Measurement range: 25 bpm~250 bpm
Alarm range: 25 bpm~250 bpm
Resolution: 1 bpm
Accuracy: ±2 bpm or ±2 %, whichever is greater

Safety and Power supply
1)Power supply: rated voltage: ~220 V, rated power: 50 Hz
2)Safety classification: Class I equipment, type BF defibrillation-proof applied part