Transport Incubator Mounted on Detachable Trolley
Model: 1003

Basic Portable Incubator mounted on trolley along with Saperate Inverter system. Operated on 230 V, AC or External battery ( ambulance battery or 12V30 AH Dry cell )

Can also use in NICU for routine baby care.


  • Portable Incubator mounted on trolley with shelves
  • Acrylic Canopy with front and side opening with elbow operated port holes
  • Inlets for administration of O2, IV lines or Ventilator tubing
  • Side pull - out sliding Baby Tray from Left side of canopy to facilitate resuscitation of baby during transport

Temperature Controller A

  • Big red LED display for skin and air temperature
  • LED indicator for selected mode
  • LCD for alarm messages, selected mode, timer display, heater power (%), etc
  • Integrated timer - 1 to 59 min, with count-up and count-down feature
  • Temperature range - skin: 34 to 38 Degrees Celcius (user pre-settable) air: room temperature to 39 Degrees Celcius
  • Monitoring of skin temperature by means of sensor, range: 30 to 42 Degrees Celcius
  • Heater output - 0 to 100% in increments of 5%
  • Control unit - Auto over-temperature cut-off with audio-visual alarms according to pre-set temperature to avoiding overheating
  • Display indicates system errors, sensor failure, alarm and visual message on LCD for high/low, over/under temperature for skin and air, heater failure, power control device failure
  • Audio-Visual alarm for power failure
  • Audio-Visual alarm for Fan Fail

**Available with Only Air Mode also