Products comply to :
• IEC 60601-1 • IEC 60601-1-2 • IEC 60601-1-4 • IEC 60601-2-21 • ISO 7396-1 • ISO 5359

Products comply to :
• IEC 60601-1 • IEC 60601-1-2 • IEC 60601-1-4 • IEC 60601-2-21 • ISO 7396-1 • ISO 5359

l Mobile new born resuscitation table - Fixed height
l Skin, Manual and Pre-Warm control modes
l Microprocessor based controller with highly accurate
Thermistor sensors (No Calibration required)
l LCD for alarm messages
l APGAR (Up) and Down Timer
l Ceramic heater with reflector and safety grill
l Patient examination lamp for extra illumination during
l Stainless Steel Baby bed with Baby Mattress (density
approx. 21-25 kg/m³) with waterproof, zipped cover
l Continuous variable head up/down facility
l Polycarbonate side panels collapsible/lockable
l X-ray cassette holder tray underneath baby bed
l Facility to attach syringe/infusion pump, shelf to place
l SS multi hook IV stand
l Under table 3 storage drawers (Non-metallic, removable
and washable)
l Facility to incorporate Under Surface Phototherapy
l Mounted on 4 swivel castors (100 mm), 2 with brake
l Integrated electrical operated Slow Suction unit
l Facility to mount 2 Nos. - 5/10 Litre Oxygen Cylinder
l Oxygen regulator, Pressure gauge, Flowmeter, Humidifier
bottle and Silicone Tubings
l Manual silicon resuscitator to provide Positive pressure
with Silicone Face mask
l Silicone Airways

New born resuscitation table with fixed height (Skin/Manual/Prewarm)

Electrical Specifications:
Microprocessor based temperature controller with Pre-warm, Manual and Skin modes
LED Display of Skin Temp., Set Temp. (Resolution 0.1°C) & Heater Power %.
LCD to display modes of operation, Alarm messages, Skin Temperature in ˚F and Timer.
Thermistor based sensor with Accuracy of +/- 0.2°C (Temp. Calibration not require)
Modes of Operation: Skin Servo, Manual and Pre-Warm
Keypad lock facility
Skin mode: Temperature range: 34 to 38°C , Resolution : 0.1°C
Manual mode: Adjustable Heater Power 0 to 100% (with an increment of 5%), Time duration:15mins
Pre-warm mode: To pre-warm the cradle before baby is placed on the bed. (No alarm will be activated during Pre-warm mode)
Adjustable Heater Power 0 to 25% (with an increment of 5%), Time duration:30mins
Overhead heater box: Swivelling, Consists of Ceramic heater (650 Watts) placed in parabolic re􀃸ector with a safety grill & Halogen
observation light (12V/50W) for observing the baby
Operating Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50Hz
Power: 800W (Max.)
Alarm: Audio alarm with 10 minute mute facility & Visual alarms with message on LCD as follows
Power Fail Alarm: Audio with LED indicator.

Mechanical Specifications:

Fixed height warmer with attached baby cradle mounted on 4" wheel
Stainless steel baby tray with water proof, zipped cover mattress of density approx. 21-25 kg/m³
Continuous head up/down facility
X-Ray cassette holder
Collapsible/lockable Side Supports made up of Unbreakable polycarbonate material
Slots for sensor and ventilator tubing
Side tray for placement of monitor & Under table 3 storage drawers (Non-metallic, removable and washable)
Stainless steel infusion rod with facility to mount Syringe/infusion pump
Lower shelf below baby tray to facilitate under surface phototherapy
Integrated support for 10L Oxygen bottle.
Oxygen regulator with pressure gauge, 􀃸ow meter and humidi􀃶er bottle along with silicon tubing for delivery of
oxygen from humidi􀃶er bottle to patient.
Integrated electrical operated Slow Suction unit with Vacuum Regulator, Vacuum Gauge and autoclavable 􀃸uid jar
Silicone manual Resuscitator for Infant (250ml) along with face masks size 00 and 01
Laryngoscope - Penlight handle with straight blade size 0 and 1
Silicone Airways – size 000, 00, and 0


Height : 74.5" (1890 mm), Width : 28.0" (710 mm), Length : 39.0" (990 mm)
Bed to Floor Height: 37.5" (950 mm)
Distance between baby bed and heater: 33" (840 mm)
Mattress size: 30" (762 mm) x 20" (508 mm)
Height of side panel above baby bed: 5.75" (145 mm